Teerthanker Mahaveer University hosted Mega HR Conclave; stalwarts from Cadilla, Maruti Suzuki, TCS were the key-note speakers

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  • Talent with Out of the Box Thinking in demand: Cadilla Senior VP (HR) Pramod Rajput
  • We look for Value set in the candidates: Maruti Suzuki HR Head Krishna Kumar
  • TCS GM-HR Raj Gupta spoke on the role of Leadership
  • Hon’ble Chancellor Shri Suresh Jain declared Mega HR Conclave as a “Golden Day” for TMU
  • VC Prof. Raghuveer Singh posed interesting questions to HR professionals



–Prof. Shyam Sunder Bhatia/ Dr. Arpit Huriya

“Attitude decides altitude if you have right aptitude”, said Mr. Pramod Kumar Rajput, Senior VP (HR), Cadilla Pharmaceuticals Ltd. while addressing the conclave on the theme ‘Work Culture, Empathy and Work-Life Integration’. Thus, we look for the attitude in the candidates while recruitment. He also mentioned the likes of Missile Man Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Google CEO Sundar Pichai who became successful because of their attitude. He called present era as the fourth Industrial Revolution and urged the youth to focus on skills related to emerging digitalization related fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. Mr. Rajput was the first key-note speaker in the Mega HR Conclave: Paradigm shift on Talent Acquisition in Post COVID era, which was organized by CRC in the TMU Auditorium. Prior to that, the traditional lamp lightening ceremony along with Saraswati Vandana took place which marked the beginning of the HR conclave. Hon’ble Chancellor, TMU, Mr. Suresh Jain, GVC Mr. Manish Jain, Key-note speakers, Cadilla Senior VP (HR) Mr. Pramod Rajput, Maruti Suzuki HR Head Mr. Krishna Kumar, TCS GM (HR) Mr. Raj Gupta, TMU VC Prof. Raghuveer Singh, Director CRC Mr. Vineet Nehra graced the occasion with their presence on the dice. Meanwhile, GVC Mr. Manish Jain felicitated Mr. Rajput, VC Prof. Raghuveer Singh felicitated Mr. Krishna Kumar and MGB Mr. Akshat Jain presented Mr. Raj Gupta with shawl and a memento as a token of appreciation and love. HR representatives from around a dozen of top MNCs were present in the panel to discuss the challenges in post COVID scenario.

Cadilla Senior VP (HR) Mr. Rajput informed that in Post COVID era, the companies are looking for talents with Out-of-the-Box and Creative Thinking. He also added that corporations are keeping taps on their employees who are serving as the pillars or the pullers to the organizations. He also emphasized on the importance of Empathy in the companies which helps in contributing to the mutual growth of both, the employers and the employees. He also appealed the budding students not to look for happiness outside as it lies within. One should just invest himself fully in whatever one decides to pursue. He also explained the concepts of workplace culture, work life integration with a lot of relevant examples.

The second key-note speaker of the day was Mr. Krishna Kumar, HR Head, Maruti Suzuki who spoke on ‘Mapping the workforce with strategic planning’. He explained the Maruti’s motto of ‘Right Person, Right Skill, Right Place, Right Time’ which serves as the guiding light for HRs in the organization during recruitment. He stressed upon the essentiality of value system in the candidates which forms the core of their organization culture. He also stressed upon the importance of working and learning culture in an organization. Mr. Kumar threw light on the Maruti’s experiences and challenges from the COVID times and told that it gave them valuable lessons when staff was quitting and production was declining. However, the learning and working culture brought Maruti back in the game. Digitalization has opened new doors of opportunities for both, the organization and the staff in the form of Work From Home, online meetings etc. He explained the Workforce Mapping with an example from the game of football. HR Head Mr. Kumar also informed that Maruti Suzuki follows a Five-Year Business Plan developed by Japan and implements it strategically using location-specific measures.

The third key-note speaker Mr. Raj Gupta lectured on “Role of Leadership in Employee Engagement”. He enlightened the conclave by explaining the key traits and skills required for leadership development, viz. Gratefulness, Positive Thinking, Business Acumen, Change Management Skills, Domain Expertise with Value System at the core. He explained about the three levels of leadership in any organization, i.e. lower, middle and higher. He urged the youngsters to develop skills on the basis of these levels. The whole address of Mr. Gupta was focussed on the leadership. The students present in the auditorium raised various queries related to leadership. The Hon’ble Chairman Mr. Suresh Jain, VC Prof. Raghuveer Singh, Cadilla HR Expert Mr. Rajput, Director CTLD Prof. R.N. Krishaniya, Joint Registrar TIMIMT Dr. Alka Agarwal actively took part in the discussion and defined leadership in their own terms.

TMU VC Prof. Raghuveer Singh said that HR practices are ever evolving. Numerous changes have surfaced during and post COVID in the form of Remote Working, Work From Home, Project Working, Contract Working etc. TMU also holds thousands of employees. How should the HR practices of the university align with the global HR practices? What should be the strategy to earn a job in the changing global scenario? He posed several other intriguing questions to the HR stalwarts sitting at the dice; such as, during recruitment, among attitude, knowledge and skill, what should be the top priority? How are the people at Senior level hired? What are the reliable and valid criteria followed by the organizations for performance evaluation? What is the basis for the designing of training of the employees?  TMU Registrar Dr. Aditya Sharma, Associate Dean Dr. Manjula Jain, DSW Dr. M.P. Singh, Director CTLD Dr. R.N. Krishaniya, Director TIMIMT Dr. Vipin Jain, Principal Nursing Dr. Srinath K Kulkarni, Vice Principal Paramedical Dr. Navneet Kumar, Joint Registrar (Research) Dr. Jyoti Puri, In-charge Physical Education Prof. Manu Mishra, HOD FOECS Dr. Ashendra Kumar Saxena, Asstt. Director T&P Mr. Vikram Raina, Asst. Director T&P Mr. Akash Bhatnagar etc. were the prominent personalities who graced the occasion with their presence. In the end, 2002 Batch MBA Alumnus Mr. Sachin Sharma who is currently working at a senior post in Delloit delivered the Vote of Thanks. CTLD faculty Mr. Vipin Chauhan anchored the conclave.

TMU students nurtured as pearls: Chancellor

The chief guest of the Mega HR Conclave, Hon’ble Chancellor of Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Mr. Suresh Jain declared the gathering as the Golden Day. He said that this is the conclave in which swans from the fields of HR representing top corporates like Cadilla, Maruti Suzuki and TCS have gathered to find the pearl like talents among our students. He added that it further becomes the responsibility of our faculty to nurture these budding students into pearls. He spoke highly of the companies like Cadilla, Maruti Suzuki and TCS who are serving the nation in their own ways. He thanked the key-note speakers and the panellists from various top corporations who made the Mega HR Conclave a huge success.

(The writers are faculty in renowned private university- Teerthanker Mahaveer University of North India. Prof. Shyam Sunder Bhatia is senior journalist and researcher while Dr. Arpit Huriya is faculty of college of Agriculture)

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