Book Launch ‘Lucid Dream Wisdom’ by Lene Handberg

  A book titled Lucid Dream Wisdom was launched today in Dehradun. The author Ms. Lene Hanberg is a Danish Tibetan Buddhist Scholar and also the co-founder of Tarab Ling Institute. Tarab Ling is founded on the ideals of Tarab Rinpoche a Tibetan Master who was an accomplished master and dream yogi. Ms lene has worked with Tarab Rinpoche as a co-worker as well as his disciple. The book enumerates core Buddhist philosophy to build a context and then accents the concept of Dream yoga as an essential yoga practice.
The book was launched with a context-setting by the author Ms. Lene Handberg and followed by panelists Ms. Madhavilatha Maganti a professor of psychology at Ashoka University, Ms. Genevieve Hamelet a Tibetan scholar, and Ms. Olga a lawyer and Tibetan scholar from Spain. The session was chaired by Sri SS Pangtey (retd IAS) and also the author of ‘Ponism’ a historical document on pre-Vedic shamanistic practices.
Ms. Lene said that dream yoga is rarely known among yoga and meditation circles but the dream state is a highly intense and deep state of meditation where an embodiment of self is often realized. Inner science is not just a concept it is a way to understand inner presence. Ms. Madhavilata said that at Ashoka University now these methodologies are being used to find novel ways for mental health treatment, in today’s world human beings are so stressed that they are not in connection with their inner self which is easy leads them to depression and mental illness.
There were international students from Tarab ling Institute as well as many other interested persons in the book launch. The book is available on amazon India.

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