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Dehradun, 24 February.HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, a premier central university providing quality research and education and the world’s oldest Ecological Task Force 127 Infantry Battalion ( Territorial Army) Garhwal Rifles have come together to save the fragile Himalayan ecology, safeguarding the environment and providing long-term solutions with the involvement of local communities to reverse the migration of youth.

A Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU) was signed between both university and Eco Task Force. The
MOU was signed by Registrar Prof N S Panwar HNB Garhwal University, at Srinagar, Garhwal
Uttarakhand and Col Rohit Srivastav Commanding Officer 127 Eco Task Force, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun
at 1030-1100 on 25 Feb 2023 in presence of Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Annpurna Nautiyal.

The degradation of the Himalayan forests has been linked to environmental problems and the livelihoods
of millions of people. Forest degradation has been held responsible for increased landslides and soil
erosion leading to the damage of the Himalayan agro-economy, loss of livelihoods, and outmigration of
the locals.HNB Garhwal University has been relentlessly for “One Himalaya” and research and
innovation with a human face and ETF’s most dedicated force together will bring outstanding results.
The present decline of Himalayan forests has also led to the drying up of numerous perennial springs.
In order to counter this problem, initiatives such as reforestation with the integrated renewal of degraded
watersheds is the need of the hour.

Local communities depend on forest resources for subsistence living. They express that limited options
for livelihood and declining productivity of agriculture threaten food security and induce migration.
They have emphasized the need to equip local institutions with the necessary capacities which will work
for resource creation based on forest goods and services. They think that agriculture, fodder, livestock,
and water availability are dependent on forests; hence a systemic intervention is needed to restore

The MOU will remain in force for a period of two years and achieve the following objectives
In the present case, the need of collaboration between two institutions that are already working with
the local communities to safeguard and sustainability of natural resources is well justified.
Prof RC Bhatt PRO VC, Prof RC Sundriyal, Director, IQAC, Lieutenant Colonel Shrihari Kugaji
Company Commander of the companies working in Kashyali village Yamakeshwar block Pauri District
along with Non-Commissioned Officers of Eco Task Force were present at the function held at HNB
Garhwal University campus Srinagar,

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