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-By Usha Rawat

Dehradun,  09 Jun. The historic Chetwode Drill Square played host to the Commandant’s Parade for Spring Term 2022 on Thursday. The Commandant’s Parade marked the successful culmination of pre-commission training of 377 Indian and 89 Gentleman Cadets from eight friendly foreign countries.

Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Commandant, Indian Military Academy reviewed the Parade and complimented all the Gentleman Cadets for an immaculate turnout and excellent drill movements, which reflected a high level of motivation, pride, and cohesion achieved through their stellar training at IMA. He also commended the efforts of all in facing prevailing challenges while successfully progressing the training without any dilution.

He exhorted that young officers be guided by the ‘Chetwode Credo’ throughout their service, extolling the primacy of the Nation, the Army and the men they lead. It is important to remember that no effort by them would be too small and no sacrifice too great in serving our glorious nation.

The Commandant, IMA in his address to the Cadets said that they will now bear the onerous responsibility to defend the country and defeat our adversary at the cost of their own life and the lives of the men they lead or command. It demands from each one of them, utmost love for the country, exceptional character, a strong sense of honour and duty, self-confidence, competence, and courage. Self-confidence is one of the most important qualities of a leader. It is a manifestation of knowledge, situational awareness, pride and the poise to stay strong and resolute under challenging circumstances. Courage includes both aspects of physical valour as well as the courage of conviction.

Physical courage should be evident in all their actions in military operations. Moral courage is the wisdom to clearly differentiate between right and wrong and imbibe the strength of character to choose the harder right, in any situation. Self-sacrifice is essential to leadership and a prime responsibility of a leader. They must see that the needs of their men are met first, and make their utmost effort in meeting them.

The General Officer also extended the compliments to the 89 Gentleman Cadets from the friendly foreign countries for having endured the rigorous regimen of training, exhibiting excellent transformation and being fully ready to don the ranks in their respective armies, as most proficient officers. He addressed them specifically while stating that they will return home with happy memories of their stay at IMA and our country. The training that they have received will benefit them in the selfless service to their country. The bonds of friendship forged here with fellow Cadets and faculty will further strengthen the bonds of friendship between our nations.


In the end, he encouraged the Gentleman Cadets to put their best foot forward for the final Passing out Parade and wished all the Gentleman Cadets the very best in the years ahead. The Commandant also congratulated the Parents and dear ones of the Passing Out Course for the achievements of their wards.



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