DEHRADUN, 6 FEBRUARY ( UH). BEG & Centre at Roorkee received an SOS call to assist “Wildlife SOS ” from an organization actively rescuing animals since 1995. On receipt of the orders, a plan was finalised under the guidance of Brigadier Rajesh Singh, VSM, Commandant, BEG& Centre, Roorkee and consolidating the best available resources, on 05 Feb 2023, a rescue team of one officer and 37 soldiers were moved to the site near Ram Nagar for the rescue of elephant Moti that was injured and in a very bad state of health.

Indian Army Engineers rescue team liaised with the NGO and local authorities and commenced construction of a tower to help Moti to stand on its feet for receiving medication as its condition was critical and time was of paramount importance.
Tower was constructed quickly taking due care so that the elephant is not disturbed much. The tower was erected by 9 AM on 06 Feb 2023. An attempt was made to make Moti stand however Moti could not take any load on his feet and could not move his body at all. The plan was to make the underbelly slung, however, the doctor advised that the organs of the elephant are in a compromised state and he will not be able to withstand the pressure of under-slung. Tomorrow a team of “Wildlife SOS” will arrive from Delhi with a different harness and a joint attempt of the Indian Army and the NGO to rescue the animal will be made again.

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