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Information and Awareness Campaign for Climate Change Prevention launches by RLEK

Dehradun, 1 April (UHI). Under the major program “Our Environment, Our Development”, five awareness creation sessions were conducted by Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), a Doon-based NGO with the support of Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd., Dehradun.

Padma Shree Avdhash Kaushal, Chairperson Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra, Project Coordinator Ms. Sonali Sharma along with her team, and Mr. Manoj Mamgain, Human Resource Manager, Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd., initiated the sessions at different schools across the city.


This information and awareness campaign was among the concluding activity of a unique initiative “HamaraParyavaran, Hamara Vikas”. During this innovative campaign, five sessions for creating awareness among school children were conducted at G.H.S.S Baniyawala, Government Girls Inter College, Lakhibagh, Government Intermediate College, Maldevta, Sunrise Public School, Shastri Nagar, Seemadwar, and Shiv Junior High School, Maldevta. Ms. Sonali Sharma along with her team of volunteers educated the children about the escalating danger of climate change.

During these sessions, children learned about climate change, major types of pollution, their causes, effects, and ways to regulate them. Climate change can be curbed through some simple steps which include: Water conservation, reduction in waste, maximizing energy efficiency, raising our voices, and spreading awareness.

Vanshika, an 8th class student from Shiv Junior High School, Maldevta informed other students about environmental conservation that begins from adopting the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. During the session, students read about pollution from the Information, Education, and Communication(IEC) material provided to them. A student named Reyansh from Sunrise Public School, Shastri Nagar said “I love this eco-friendly bookmark given as part of IEC material. It motivates me to conserve our environment and think about such issues.”

The students also learned about the correct methods of waste segregation, which include putting wet waste in the green dustbin and dry waste in a blue dustbin. They shared many common observations related to electric buses; e-rickshaws being run in Dehradun. All this, they said helps to prevent pollution and further stop the danger of climate change.

The principal of G.G.I.C Lakhibagh, Dr. Sarita Bhatt, congratulated the team for their huge efforts. The team was well-appreciated by the staff of all other schools as well.

Due to the rising environmental degradation and climate change, RLEK had previously organized around transport improvement campaign, a one-day district level seminar on youth and their efforts towards environmental sustainability, a plantation drive, a cleanup community campaign, and opened eco-clubs in schools.

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