DEHRADUN, 25 NOVEMBER. 49 Officer Cadets of Special List-36 Course, passed out from the prestigious portals of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun on 25 Nov 23. The momentous occasion of the Pipping Ceremony of the Special List-36 course proved to be a significant milestone in the endeavors and aspirations of the meritorious soldiers of the Indian Army. Maj Gen Alok Joshi, SM, Officiating Commandant, Indian Military Academy, addressed the course and exhorted them to selflessly serve their motherland.

Having already served in the Indian Army for a few years as trained soldiers, the discipline and conduct of the Officer Cadets was immaculate. During the course of their training at IMA, the Officer Cadets were put through structured training. Designed to focus on all aspects to give them the confidence and skills necessary to be worthy Officers post-commissioning. They are now well motivated and suitably prepared to assume the enhanced responsibilities that they will be entrusted with in one of the finest Armies of the World.


The Officer Cadets of Special List Course-36 being commissioned today have done themselves, their paltans & their instructors proud. The two best trainees OC Manoj Singha & OC Sanjeev Kumar were awarded with the Commandant’s Gold Medal and Silver Medal respectively.

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