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Dehradun, 6 December . The Passing Out Parade symbolizes the culmination of rigorous training and the transformation of a Gentleman cadet into a young Officer. As a prelude to this the Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor’s (DC&CI) parade was conducted on Tuesday at the historic Chetwode drill square, wherein 314 Indian and 30 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets displayed their immaculate turnout and precision marching. This marks the preparation for the grand finale on 10 Dec 22.

The Parade was reviewed by Maj Gen Alok Joshi, Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor of the Indian Military Academy. He complimented the Gentlemen cadets and encouraged them to be the finest officers of the Indian Army. He also emphasized the importance of valour, honour, ethos and fine traditions of the Indian Army. He mentioned that the efforts of the faculty and the hard work of the Gentlemen Cadets were evident from the crisp and coordinated movements on the Drill Square.

During the address to the passing out course, Maj Gen Alok Joshi said that “Honesty, Integrity and Moral discipline remain the hallmark of the Indian Army. You have an onerous task, to uphold the same. There is a perception in civil society, about zero tolerance to dishonesty in the Army, and it is an image which has been carefully nurtured by all our seniors over so many decades. I implore upon you to maintain this tradition, primarily because we in the defence forces are able to hold our heads high as we have the strength of moral fabric w

oven into our system. Do not deviate from it, do not dilute, and do not fall prey to short-lived gratification. Gentlemen these few lines convey an ocean of philosophy. Develop the skill of having situational awareness. This dexterity will set you apart from others and you will tend to be perceptive and insightful. You will earn respect, only if you are professionally capable, you will earn respect, if you have the power of knowledge, you will earn respect if you prove to be better than the men in all that you expect them to do …. and more”.

क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को, जिसके पास गरल हो

उसको क्या जो दंतहीन विषरहित, विनीत, सरल हो।


The Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor, IMA complimented Gentlemen Cadets from eleven friendly foreign countries on successful completion of the training and wished them all the success ahead as they carry the cherished memories of their time at IMA.

The Parade was reflective of the excellence that the Academy has always stood for and set the stage for the stellar conduct of the main events scheduled for 09th and 10th Dec 2022, which shall be telecast live on various channels and social media.

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