रक्षा मंत्रालय द्वारा चलायी जा रही पूर्व सैनिकों के लिए कल्याण और पुनर्वास योजनाओं पर रक्षा राज्यमंत्री भट्ट का जवाब  

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                                                          AJAY BHATT MINISTER OF STATE FOR DEFENCE


The details of welfare and rehabilitation schemes, and financial assistance provided to Ex-servicemen/widows and their dependents are given below:

1.  Financial assistance/ benefits given from Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) under Raksha Mantri Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF):


Sl. No. Grants Amount

(in Rs.)

(a) Penury Grant (65 Years and above)

(Non-Pensioners up to Hav Rank)

Rs. 4,000/-pm         (Life time)
(b) Education Grant (up to two children)

  1. Boys/Girls up to Graduation
  2. Widows for PG

(Pensioner/Non Pensioner up to Hav Rank) and up to two children


Rs. 1,000/-pm

(c) Disabled Children Grant

(Pensioner/Non-pen up to JCO Rank)

Rs. 3,000/-pm


(d) Daughter’s Marriage Grant (up to 02 Daughters)

(Pensioner/Non-Pen up to Hav Rank)



Rs. 50,000/- *

Widow Re-Marriage Grant

(Pensioner/Non-Pen up to Hav Rank)

*  If married solemnly on or after April 21, 2016.

(e) Medical Treatment Grant

(Non-pensioner up to Hav Rank)

   Rs. 30,000/- (Max)
(f) Orphan Grant

(Pensioner/Non-pen All Ranks)

  • Daughters of ex-servicemen till she is married.
  • One Son of ex-servicemen up to 21 years of age.

Rs. 3,000/-PM

(g) Vocational Trg Grant For Widows

(Pensioner/Non-Pen up to Hav Rank)

Rs. 20,000/-

(One Time)

  1. Serious diseases Grant from AFFD Fund to Non-Pensioners ESM of all Ranks:
(a) Serious Diseases   as listed below:

Angioplasty, Angiography, CABG, Open Heart Surgery, Valve Replacement, Pacemaker Implant, Renal Implant, Prostate Surgery, Joint Replacement and Cerebral Stoke.


Other Diseases: Where more than                    Rs 1 lakh has been spent on treatment



75% and 90% of total expenditure to Officer and Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) respectively up to Rs 1.25 lakh (max)

(b) Dialysis and Cancer treatment 75% and 90% of total expenditure to Officer and PBOR respectively up to a max of Rs 75,000/- per FY only.
  1. Modified Scooter Grant: Rupees one lakh provided to those ESM, who are disabled after service with a disability of 50% or more and who are not covered under the scheme of AG’s Branch of IHQ (Army, Navy & Air Force).
  1. Subsidy on Home Loan: KSB reimburses 50% of interest by way of subsidy on home loan from Bank/public sector institutions for construction of house to war bereaved, war disabled and attributable peace time casualties. Rs 1,00,000/- (Max)
  1. Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme: Total 5,500 scholarship are provided to eligible wards based on merit for the entire duration of the courses. The rates of Scholarship are as follows: –

(a)   Rs. 2500/- per month for boys.

(b)   Rs. 3000/- per month for girls.

  1. Financial support to institutions involved in rehabilitation of ESM:   
S No Organisation Quantum of Aid/Grant
(a) Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centres


(i) Kirkee


(ii) Mohali

Establishment grant (per annum)


(i) Rs 1.20 crore

w.e.f April, 2016      Rs. 30,000/-


(ii)Rs 10,00,000/-    Annum

(w.e.f April, 2015)    per inmate


(b) All India Gorkha Ex-servicemen welfare association, Dehradun Rs 12,00,000/- per annum


Cheshire Homes

(i)   Lucknow, Delhi & Dehradun

Rs 15,000/- per annum  per inmate
(d) War Memorial Hostels.  There are 36 WMHs which provide shelter to the of War Widows/Wardisabled, attributable and non-attributable cases. Rs 1,350/- per month
  1. Reservation of seats in Medical/Dental Colleges for wards of Defence Personnel as Govt. of India Nominee:  A total of 42 MBBS seats and 3 seats in BDS courses are allotted by Ministry of Health Family Welfare to KSB for wards of defence personnel as a Govt of India nominee. Priority I is given to wards/widows of defence personnel killed in action.
  1. Rail Travel Concession Identity Cards: KSB Sectt issues rail travel concession identity cards to war widows.

Details of various resettlement schemes implemented by Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) are as follows:

  1. Upgrading their skills by imparting necessary training to prepare them to take on new assignments/jobs and assisting ESM in finding re-employment.
  2. Constant endeavor to provide employment opportunities in Government/Quasi Government/Public Sector Organizations.
  3. Pro-active action to facilitate re-employment of ESM in the Corporate Sector.
  4. Providing Jobs through the following Schemes for self-employment:
  • Placement Assistance through on-line registration at DGR.
  • DGR Sponsored Security Agency Scheme
  • ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Scheme.
  • Coal Tipper Attachment Scheme.
  • Tipper Attachment Scheme for Widows and Disabled Soldiers.
  • Management of IGL/MNGL CNG Stations by ESM in NCR/Pune.
  • Management of Company Owned Company Operated Retail Outlets.
  • Issue of DGR Eligibility Certificate for Allotment of LPG/Retail Outlet (Petrol/Diesel) Distributorship advertised by Oil Marketing Companies against 8% Reservation Quota.
  • Allotment lof Mother Dairy Milk Booths and Fruit & Vegetable (Safal) Shops in NCR.
  • DGR Technical Service Scheme.
  • Resettlement Training/Skill Development Courses.

Reservation in Employment: The existing quota of reservations in employment is available for Ex-Servicemen (ESM) in Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSUs) is 14.5% in all Direct Recruitment Group ’C’ Posts and 24.5% in all Direct Recruitment Group ’D’ Posts. This includes 4.5% for Disabled ESM and Dependents of Service personnel killed in action.

Raksha Mantri Discretionary Fund has been renamed as Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF). The details of payments made to the beneficiaries of ESM and their dependents under (RMEWF) for the last three years are as under:

FY Total beneficiaries Total amount paid
2019-20 28,215 Rs 81.23 cr
2020-21 38,025 Rs 132.96 cr
2021-22 1,82,728 Rs 395.69 cr

The details of main activities of Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) and the manner in which it is beneficial for ESM and their families are given below:

KSB organise and conduct following:

  1.    The meeting of KSB and Director/ Secy (RSBs)/DSW.
  2.    Annual Meeting of Management Committee of the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.
  3.    Periodic meetings of the Executive Committee of the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.
  4.    Progressing implementation of the decisions taken with concerned agencies.
  5.    Provide policy directive, as approved by the MoD, to Depts of Sainik Welfare in States / UTs on matters of welfare of Ex-Servicemen.
  6.    Monitor and guide the Depts of Sainik Welfare in the States in their functioning as per guidelines laid down by KSB / Ministry of Defence.
  7.   Provide budgetary support for establishment and maintenance costs of Depts of Sainik Welfare and Zila Sainik Welfare Offices to State / UTs.
  8.    Attend as member of the Selection Committee convened invariably under the Chief Secretary of the State for selection of Director, Dept of Sainik Welfare / Secretary RSB and Zila Sainik Welfare Officer / Secretary ZSB convened one month prior to the post falling vacant.
  9.   Inspect the Department of Sainik Welfare of States / UTs each year and report on their functioning to State Govt / MoD.
  10. Attend Rajya Sainik Board and Amalgamated Fund Meeting in States as special invitee.
  11. Administer Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF).
  12.  Deal with redressal and queries related to welfare of Ex-Servicemen and families of deceased service personnel.
  13.   Operate the Scheme for allotment of Medical, Dental and Engineering seats under Ministry of Defence quota.
  14.  Organize and conduct ‘Armed Forces Flag Day Collection’ at Central Govt. Depts located at Delhi.
  15. Provide flags, posters and publicity material for conduct of the AFFD in States / UTs and Indian Mission abroad.
  16. Operation of centrally sponsored schemes such as RMEWF (Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund) and PM Scholarship Schemes.
  17. Issue I-Card for availing Rail Travel Concession to War Widows and to ESM in special case.
  18.  Provide financial assistance to paraplegic homes at PRC Kirkee & Mohali, 36 War Memorial Hostels, Cheshire Homes and various institutes and visit them to check its proper distribution.
  19. Advise on the correct investment of the Amalgamated Fund by the RSBs of the States / UTs.
  20. Inspect ZSBs at random to check their functioning and effectiveness.
  21. All activities mentioned above cater for providing financial assistance related to welfare of ESM /Widows/wards and to redressal of grievances through 34 Rajya Sainik Boards and 407 Zila Sainik Boards, across the country.

A single window online grievance redressal mechanism (CPGRAMS) was launched by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances in which any citizen can lodge grievances online and get response from the concerned department by clicking a single click on the portal. The Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare has extended this online grievance redressal mechanism (CPGRAMS/CPENGRAMS) to ex-servicemen also so that the grievances of Ex-Servicemen can be redressed efficiently and in a time-bound manner.

The link of CPGRAMS/CPENGRAMS website has also been given in the website of Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, CGDA and all Pension Sanctioning Authorities so that ex-servicemen can lodge their grievances in any websites from their home by clicking on the pgportal.gov.in. Further, a dedicated portal (Raksha Pension Shikayat Nivaran Portal) for redressal of Pension grievances of Ex-servicemen (ESM) has been launched on 14th January, 2022. A Toll-free Number 1800111971 has also been made operational in order to facilitate the ESM pensioners for smooth redressal of their grievances.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to Shri Ashok Mahadeorao Nete in Lok Sabha today.

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