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After Rigrigorous Training 343 Indian and 29 Foreign Officer Cadets to Pass Out From IMA on 9 December –

Dehradun, 5 December. The Passing Out Parade symbolizes the culmination of rigorous training and transformation of an Officer Cadet into a Young Dynamic Responsible Officer. As a prelude to this, the Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor’s (DC&CI) parade was conducted on 05 Dec 2023 at the Historic Chetwode Drill Square, wherein 343 Indian and 29 Foreign Officer Cadets displayed their immaculate turnout and precision marching. This marks preparation for the grand finale on 09 Dec 23.


The Parade was reviewed by Maj Gen Alok Joshi, Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor of the Indian Military Academy. He complimented the Officer cadets and encouraged them to be the finest officers of the Indian Army. He also emphasized on the importance of the cardinal attributes of  valour, honour, ethos and fine traditions of our great Army. He mentioned that the efforts of the faculty and the hard work of the Officer Cadets was evident from the crisp and coordinated movements on the Drill Square.


During the address to the passing out course Maj Gen Alok Joshi, said that “As you wear your Stars today, remember the weight they carry – the weight of history, the weight of tradition, and the weight of the countless heroes who have served before you. Each step you take is a testament to the sacrifices made by those who have laid down their lives in service to our nation. They have entrusted you with their legacy, and it is your solemn duty to honor their memory by exemplifying the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and compassion. Never forget that being a leader is not merely about giving orders or commanding respect; it is about earning the respect and trust of those you lead. Your actions will speak louder than any words, and it is through your unwavering commitment to duty, your unyielding compassion, and your relentless pursuit of excellence that you will inspire those around you. Be the kind of leader who uplifts, motivates, and brings out the best in others. Lead by example, showing empathy and understanding, and foster a culture of camaraderie, mutual respect, and unwavering support. As a leader you must be the provider of Hope and Courage”.


संधिवचन सम्पूज्य उसीका जिसमे शक्ति विजय की ।


The Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor, IMA complimented Officer Cadets from twelve friendly foreign countries on the successful completion of their training and wished them all the success ahead.

The Parade was reflective of the excellence that the Academy has always stood for and set the stage for the stellar conduct of the main events scheduled for 08th and 09th Dec 2023, which will be telecasted live on various channels and social media handles.

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