The Most Beautiful Night Blooming Cactus Spreads Unique Fragrance. कुछ लोग गलती से इसे ब्रह्म कमल बताते हैँ।

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–By Usha Rawat

Night blooming cereus is a catch-all term describing several types of cacti that only bloom at night (usually only for a single night). Most of the people erroneously call it a Brahma Kamal, which is not. Dekhne Brahma Kamal is a high altitude flora and this cactus is grown  in a temperate weather conditions.

Night blooming cactus


The word “cereus” means it is a cactus. Most types of night blooming cereus are fragrant. All are perennial where they natively grow. Some night blooming cereus bear fruit, such as the dragon fruit cactus, Peruvian apple cactus, and Cereus jamacaru. Most types of night blooming cereus plants have white flowers or pale shades of other colors.

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