The Indian Military Academy has witnessed the pipping of stars on the shoulders of 64489 Gentlemen Cadets

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Valor and Wisdom epitomized in the portals of the Indian Military Academy since 1932 have witnessed the pipping of stars on the shoulders of 64489 Gentlemen Cadets and 2843 Foreign GCs from 36 friendly foreign countries. The academy has been at the forefront of imparting unparalleled training of body and mind of these Gentlemen Cadets and turned them into proud army officers. The entire training curriculum including the training infrastructure and training methodology was transformed to meet the high mental agility and capability of the Gentleman Cadets to achieve superlative standards commensurate with the requirements and complexities of the new battlefield realities.


IMA is currently engaged in preparing for its Spring Term Passing Out Parade which shall witness 374 smart, proficient GCs passing out. This includes 42 foreign trainees from seven countries The ceremonies associated with the Passing Out Parade will commence on 10 Jun 23 which will include the Passing Out Parade followed by a solemn Wreath Laying Ceremony, where homage will be paid to the brave alumni of this prestigious training academy who have made the supreme sacrifice to uphold the honor of the Nation and protect its Sovereignty, in keeping with the highest traditions of the Indian Army. Post this, the Pipping Ceremony will be conducted in which the family members will formally put the stars on a Gentleman Cadets’ uniform marking his transition from cadet to officer.


The passing out parade will be held on Saturday, 10 Jun 2023 in the backdrop of the famous Chetwode Building. The parents & the family members of the Passing Out Gentleman Cadets shall be attending the events and also solemnizing the pipping ceremony. The entire event will be showcased live on various media platforms including social media. General Manoj Pande, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC Chief of Army Staff, will be reviewing the Parade.


As these Gentlemen Cadets take the ‘Antim Pag’ (The Final Step) from the hallowed ramparts of IMA, the resonance of the ‘Chetwode Credo’…. “Your country will come first, always and every time…” will run through the veins of each of these future military leaders adding to the glory of their Alma Mater and making their Country proud.

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